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Vegetarian casseroles are the easiest to make in most cases. Generally, you don’t have to pre-cook any ingredients and can layer in everything. Then, pop it into the oven, let it bake, and take it to the table to serve!

With vegetarian casseroles, you get a healthy and nutritious dish that works as a side or a main course. Breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner, the great veggie casseroles fit any meal plan.

Make it ahead of time, or cook to serve. The nice thing about most vegetarian casserole recipes is they cook usually fairly fast and don’t require too much prep.

Prepping Vegetables For Veggie Casseroles

  • Chop ingredients that take longer to cook, like heavy starch root veggies like potatoes or beets into smaller cubes (like 1/2″ ) to ensure they cook through.
  • If you use frozen veggies then they are best defrosted first. That way you can drain off any excess water first. You can also cook uncovered to allow for any excess liquid to evaporate during cooking.

Best Vegetarian Casserole Recipes