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All About Jennifer

Hi! I’m Jennifer. I live with my husband and two handsome boys. After quitting my job in medical research to raise my boys, I decided I needed to find something to occupy my time once they left for school. Why not do the thing I love the most, feed people!

I started cooking for our local church which snowballed in to a small catering job which led me to start a blog. Actually, this is our third blog so far.

Our first site, Take Two Tapas, started in the fall of 2013. After a few years we have grown to three sites, including Best Casserole Recipes.

In full disclosure, I didn’t grow up eating casseroles. My parents owned and operated an Italian recipe in my elementary school years. Our family memories are centered around food, and plenty of it.

The need for making budget friendly recipes that will feed a large family helped bring Best Casserole Recipes to life.

Here you will find delicious recipes for casseroles, including ones for breakfast and dessert, along with tips and tricks for making them.

More About Me

My name is Jennifer and I am resident dirty dish producer here. Feeding people makes my soul happy so I do it as often as I can. Aside from my adventures in the kitchen, I am a wife to Brooks and Mother of the Year (this year at least) to Braxton and Connor.

I spend my days making a mess of the kitchen, avoiding laundry and licorice, finding Lego bricks with the soles of my feet, and dodging Nerf darts. My life is chaotic and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’ve been featured on Country Living, Buzz Feed, Cosmopolitan, and Parade.

Not only that, but I create, test, and photograph recipes and hope that there will be leftovers for breakfast.

Check out our other sites:

  • Take Two Tapas for all the best appetizers, cocktails, and tips for entertaining like a boss.
  • Leftovers Then Breakfast for your favorite recipes, classic dishes from your childhood, and some of my favorite things to eat.