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A dessert casserole features layers of sweet, perhaps a bit decadent even, ingredients. If you don’t want to bake a cake or make a pie, then a dessert casserole is definitely the best way to go.

The Best Dessert Casserole Recipes

Indeed, the best sweet casseroles take the best common tasty treat ingredients, ice cream, pudding, custard, fruits, chocolate, cake, pie crusts, and make a layered treat like no other.

Dessert Casserole Tips

With the best dessert casseroles, keeping them chilled or possibly frozen until ready to serve is often necessary.  Here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Make sure to make the casserole in a dish that is safe to put in the freezer, if that is necessary.
  • You can use a shallow bowl or another casserole dish to create an “ice platter”, to place the casserole on top of which helps keep it cool through serving.
  • Save adding toppings like whipped cream until you are ready to serve, so they don’t liquify prior to serving.
  • If the casserole needs to thaw a bit before serving, then let it thaw in the fridge. It might take a bit longer, but the ingredients hold up better.