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Breakfast Casseroles

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so they say. But how often do you think about recipes that might make breakfast a really enjoyable meal? We are all so used to throwing together the same old, same old thing, right?

Truth be told, breakfast doesn’t have to be complex to be good either. Indeed, this is where the beauty of a great casserole for meal number one becomes so appealing.

Casseroles For Brunch And Breakfast

You might think a casserole takes too long to make right when you wake up. Or you might feel casseroles are really better for brunch instead. But keep this in mind, making great breakfast and brunch casseroles ahead of time saves time and hassle in the long run.

Some would even say they taste better if made the day before you plan on serving.

Types Of Breakfast Casserole Recipes

A breakfast style casserole usually combines typical breakfast ingredients, then bakes them in a casserole dish. Eggs, bacon, ham, cheese, veggies like onions, and of course potatoes typically stand center stage in the dish.

Perfect Brunch Casserole Recipes

Brunch casseroles offer an opportunity to get a bit more creative. For example, reinvent classic brunch staples!

Tips On Making Breakfast Casseroles Ahead Of Time

Making a breakfast casserole ahead of time works wonderfully. You can serve it hot, warm, or even cold. It will still be great. Plus, you don’t have to wait at the moment you need it most. Right after you wake up. Or right after that morning workout right after you wake up. (If you are into that sort of thing of course).

Here are some handy links on storing in order to serve later.